Pub "Priedes krogs"

     For centuries, pubs have had a significant role il Latvian daily life.  This has been a place for travellers to stop for a while, to have a meal or to stay for a night and find out the latest news and rumours of the neighbourhood. 

The times are changing, many pubs on roadsides have vanished and fineshed their existence, but PRIEDES PUB, built in 1841, at Vecumnieku Community, Bauska District, is still standing, although in another location - in the Latvian Ethnographic Open-air museam. Everything es genuine here: the Big Hall with the bread oven, the large chimney and the pastor's chamber. One can feel the smell of the past and the ancient stories are still alive here. in Priedes tavern, just like in 1841, bread is baked in wood-fired oven, preparing roasts, in chimney cook a proper rural soup. In here hostessess cocked dishes and Latvian stitched beer tast just as good as hundred years ago. Location at Open-air museam teritory allows for uniqueatmosfear, in nature, at peace and silence. The deeper the museum's territory, you can relax at Lake Jugla after a long walk, light a fire and have a picnic with friends. And all around felt the presence of our ancestors, how they lived and worked as a rested.


   The Tavern is waiting for visitors to the "family dinner" after visitng the Open Air Museum, we are waiting for visitors near and far who want a real taste of rye bread and wood-oven-roasted piglet, waiting for the new pairs of the Latvian wedding, we invite all who wish to enjoy the special atmosphere and party till the light. 

Inn rooms can accommodate up to 120 people. There are two rooms - a large hall where the deck on long tables, singing and dancing, a small bar room, which give you a beer or a cup of our favorite honey balm and the Chamber of a small company.

In order for your party or corporate event would be more substantial, in collaboration with the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum offer craft demonstrations, bread and honey tastings, candle making, Latvian folk music and dance performances, creating conflicts with practices anniversary programs and much more. 

Under the theme of celebrations or parties formalize tables and space. In nice weather out partying can also right here at the inn or lakeshore. 

For prices and terms of measures excursions interested in the Open Air Museum museum administration

Menu for group

    We offer catering for tourists and visitors to the museum  groups. You can choose one of the listed menus or describe an individual. We offer a wide range of dishes for different tastes. At lunch, you can also choose fun - tasting, craft demonstrations, minting or some folk music performances.

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"Latvian wedding"

     Where else would be a better place for Latvian weddings as the Open Air Museum. We offer a great opportunity - all the wedding, the marriage until the last dance, to celebrate one place. 

The museum has a wide variety of entertainment options. Latvian wedding tradition is one of those things which our nation can rightly be proud of. Over the years, many have forgotten about the wedding 'performance' and it is instead much more, which is often used, has become tiresome. Priedes Tavern proposed program "Latvian wedding" wedding course run by managers - landlord and landlady are offered both in a special "welcome snack" and fun dances and chaffing and a Latvian mičošana program. "Latvian wedding" program have been met and the ancient traditions and modern developments made ​​wedding rituals.

We offer space and table decoration. Along with the pub hosts Roland create each individual menu for a suitable for your needs. 

Weddings Priedes tavern will truly romantic and memorable, invited foreign guests will be able to enjoy it as an adventure and share experiences in near and far countries. We provide program managers in English. 

      Waiting for you all to marry young couples ing to issue mortgage.

    CONTACTS -  wedding organizer: IVETA SPROĢE, tel.25918918, e-mail:

Special Offers 

      Bread Baking -  Priedes Tavern in large bread oven in summer every weekend is baking a bread. And what could be better than, their own hand-made and on maple leaves in an oven to make bread loaf, which can still enjoy hot, freshly baked. Baked bread smell the old tavern building creates a pleasant feeling of coziness and stimulate appetite. Enjoy your meal! 

 Groups up to 20 persons can be ordered individually baking. Every guest has the opportunity to create your own loaf of bread, which is then neatly wrapped, will be able to take home. Price € 7.50 per person.



     Chimney - groups of more than 15 people can order food that is prepared in chimney, on live fire: grilled meat and fish, baked potatoes and a large pot of boiled soup. The menu is made ​​individually, or you can choose from a group menus Package 3 (skat.grupu catering).

    Wood-fired oven dishes - Groups over 20 people can order a variety of dishes cooked wood oven: 

Roasted pig - price 19.95 EUR / kg 

Roasted pork legs - price 16,30 Eur / kg 

Roasted lamb - price 34,50 Eur / kg 

Bread crust baked beef roast - price 28,50 Eur / kg 

As well as a variety of individual deals.


     Tastings -a group of 10 persons 

Tasting bread - 2.50 EUR per person 

Bakery beverage tasting - 0.70 EUR per person 

Honey balsamic tasting - 2.00 EUR per person 

Pine Tavern tasting candy - 2.50 EUR per person      


     Confectionery - Priedes Tavern pastry shop offers a wide range of products for both everyday and celebration. 

The celebration will offer our baked cakes: 

rural cake 

Chocolate cake with cream cheese and fresh cherries, 

Raspberry yogurt cake 

Price 14,00 Eur / kg