Catering is a service, which includes banquets in any customer convenient place.


We provide banquets up to 1000 people. Tables for both indoor and install awnings and provide the necessary equipment for celebrations to take place outdoors. We provide a service staff, catering and room design, as well as alternative energy sources. Our customers are the "Baltijas Kausa fonds", "E. Gulbja laboratorija", "Kērlinga halle", Garkalnes novada dome, "Valsts nekustamie īpašumi", "LDZ Ritošā sastāva serviss", BJIC "Auseklis" as well as many others. For more than a decade engaged with external trade. We worked scramble many Latvian cities, autocross Smiltenē, Baltic Beach Party, the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, a city festival, Bauska Country Music Festival, as well as many others.

We offer a wide range of dishes for different tastes, as well their is opurtunity for party tables or thematic parties. As well you can order...

stuffed pike ... 

                           fruit pyramid ...   

                                                            pineapple palms ...   

We have a wide range of grilled tender: the traditional barbecue, grilled steaks and chops, fish and vegetables also offer traditional Uzbek pilaf recipes made​​, we can soup on the fire, baking bread on a spit in the fire.


 Special Offer - grilled lamb or piglet.


Room and table decoration florists offer services.



         And what about the celebration without cakes. 

                                             Our pastry cakes and pretzels offer a variety of tastes.




   Fruit and vegetable carving art has emerged in the Far East for more than a thousand years ago. In many countries, this form of art tempted by both amateurs and professionals. Nowadays, require a culinary exhibitions, product shows, solemn ceremonies and celebrations without fruit and vegetable artistic decoration.

 We also offer you non-traditional artistic designs for a bargain, you dedicated to creating only the composition of fruits and vegetables.