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          Company   banquets, receptions, evening barbecue, coffee breaks, cocktail parties, corporate events and entertainment events, off-trade organization in any convenient location to the customer, backed by service personnel and neatly laid table. Measures will ensure the furniture, sheds, necessary equipment, alternative energy sources, and art work. 

We offer an extensive menu for different tastes, as well as offer individual solutions for a bargain or themed events.



 Priedes krogs  Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum site, Brīvības gatve 440, Rīga.

Tavern rooms can accommodate up to 120 people. In collaboration with the open-air museum offer a wide range of thematic programs.

Working time: 

                     from October to May - Saturday, Sunday 10.00 - 18.00 

                    from May to October - daily 10.00 - 18.00 


Individual orders at any time by agreement.

Event organizator
Rolands Zujevičs   
e-mail: rolands@vienigijums.lv

"Latvian wedding" organizer 
Iveta Sproģe
e-mail: priedeskrogs@vienigijums.lv


               Treat yourself to the magic of the holiday!